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PAI Up lets you securely store, send, and receive PAI Coin 24/7, 365!

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Private, Secure, Simple

Instantly send and receive PAI Coin, anywhere in the world. PAI Up is easy to set up and use - a six-digit pin and a paper key is all you need to join the global AI economy. PAI Up is designed with security features that help keep your PAI Coin safe and recoverable even if your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen.


AI on the Blockchain

PAI Coin fuels the interactions on the PAI Blockchain, allowing everyone in the world to create, own, and manage their own Personal AI (PAI). Your PAI looks like you, talks like you, and can even learn to behave like you. Use PAI Coin on a variety of applications, all built and secured on the PAI Blockchain!

Project PAI is building a decentralized platform for intelligent avatars made from our digital personalities. Founded on the belief that every person in the world should have control of their own digital identity, Project PAI enables everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. Learn more at projectpai.com

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